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Flame on Water Feature

A Water Flame – How does it work?

The problem with being a scientist is that very little is taken on face value. We went on a family holiday to Norfolk this year and visited the lovely Houghton Hall. The Hall is home to a large collection of outdoor modern sculptures, the most famous of the artists being Henry Moore.

My personal favourite was a rather unusual piece of artwork by a Danish artist, Jeppe Hein. In the garden, there appears to be a shallow pool of water surrounded by grass. Suddenly a flame ignites in the centre of the pool. Continue reading A Water Flame – How does it work?

Growing crystals in beakers

Kitchen Chemistry – Growing Crystals

There is no better way to engage young children in science that to offer to let them do ‘an experiment’. The golden rule before you begin anything vaguely scientific with a small child is to establish the very first law of laboratory safety. Don’t put anything in your mouth! Or, in any other orifice for that matter. So, not only must you not eat anything, you must not suck pens, or fingers, or hair, or anything else creative – and as soon as you have finished, you must wash your hands. With the boring bit – and the most important bit – dealt with, it’s time to get on. Continue reading Kitchen Chemistry – Growing Crystals