Remote Tuition Classroom

Remote Tuition

Just in case anyone has missed the news, we are experiencing a viral pandemic.

As an immunologist, I have more than a passing interest in the scientific developments. As a human being, I’m absolutely horrified at some of the shenanigans I see unfolding on social media. As we find ourselves in a situation of national mass panic, the likes of which I have never seen before, I find myself exploring alternative methods to continue to tutor if I can’t invite students into my classroom. Continue reading Remote Tuition

Every Van Must Run Smoothly

One of the great things about being a private tutor is that I get to see very mixed ability children from a range of schools. These children all bring with them different experience together with tips and tricks from their teachers. I am then able to pass on these tips and tricks to other children.

So, what does Every Van Must Run Smoothly actually mean, and why do I want my science students to remember it? Continue reading Every Van Must Run Smoothly

Science tutor using Duplo to demonstrate balancing equations

Balancing equations – a nightmare for many but a chemistry necessity

When I was at school, (ok, I know that it was a long time ago), in one of our very first chemistry lessons in the equivalent of year 7, we were taught to balance equations. In subsequent lessons, whenever we were given an example of a chemical reaction or we did an experiment, we were given a word equation and we were expected to turn it into a symbol equation and balance it. By the time we reached year 9, we were all experts.

When I see a new student, I always ask if they can balance equations and the answer is usually no. Continue reading Balancing equations – a nightmare for many but a chemistry necessity